The portrait of Dorian Gray - - Chapter 2 : James Vane makes a promise

Dorian Gray spent every clay of the next three weeks with
Lord Henry. They had lun ch together and went to parties.
And Dorian was influenced by Lord Henry more and more.
When Dorian was alone, he was always looking for pleasurable
things to do. One night, vvhile sittin g alone in an old theatre,
Dorian saw the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. Her name
was Sybil Vane. She had long brown cu rly hair and a pretty
heart-shaped face. She was only seventeen, but she was a better
actress than women twice her age. Dorian went to see her after
her performance, and he continued to go to the theatre every
night for three weeks to watch her perform.
Sybil was very poor. She li ved with her mother and her
brother in a small , dirty flat with ve ry little furniture . But Sybil
did not feel poor. She felL rich with happin ess because she had
met her 'Prince Charming', which is what she called Dorian.
"What does money matter, mother? Love is more important
than money."
"You're too young to think of love. James is going away to
Australia, and all I have is yo u."
"Oh , mother, let me be happy."
The door of the small flat opened, andJames Vane, Sybil's
brother, walked in. He was not tall, and his large shoulders
made him seem shorter. His hair was not well combed, and
there was something rough and angry in his expression.
"Are my things ready, mother?"
"Yes, James."
"Sybil, I want to talk to you."
"Oh, Jim, why are you always so serious?"
Sybil took her brother by the arm and walked him to the
"Don't be late, James. There is a cabman coming to take
you lo lhe boat."
1\tlrs Vane shouted after her two children, but she was not
sure if they had heard her. The door closed without them
answering, and she was left to think of her own youth and how
wonderful it was to be in love.
Sybil andJames walked to the park and Sybil told him that
she had dreamt that he would make money in Australia, then
come home and live in a big house in London . She saw that
her brother was not listening to her.
"Jim, are you listening to me? What's bothering you?"
"I heard that there is a man who comes to see you every
night at the theatre. Why haven't you told me about him? He
can't be any good for you."
"Jim! Why do you say such things?"
"Because he has money, and all men with money are evil."
"Oh, Jim, you don't know what love is. Ifyou saw him .. .
I ca11 him Prince Charming because that's what he will always
be to me."
Just then a carriage drove by. There were two women in it
and a young man with curly blond hair and laughing eyes.
"There he is!"
"Prince Charming."
"Where? Show him to me."
Anoth er carriage stopped in front of them , and they could
not see around it. When it moved, the other carriage was gone.
"Oh, he's gone. I wish you had seen him."
"So do I , because if he ever hurts you, I will kill him . Do
you hear me Sybil? I'll kill him!"
James Vane's eyes looked red with anger. The people walking
past looked at him and his sister was afraid.
"Jim, what are you saying? Come, let us go. You will be late
for your boat."

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